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About Riva: The journey of this American jeweler towards excellence
About RIVA

Who We Are

RIVA guides its clientele to manufacturing solutions that delight from design to delivery. From original sketches to a polished beauty. Swiftly, reliably, and with unparalleled craftsmanship. RIVA’s entirely in-house operation and mission-driven integrity supply vertically-integrated manufacturing solutions that satisfy the classically elegant to the strikingly sophisticated. RIVA: Fusing Engineering and Art.

Our Mission
To honor God through our service, process and product excellence.
Our Vision
To become the leader in every industry we pursue while serving our customers, suppliers and employees.

Ted Doudak

Ted Doudak is the founder and CEO of RIVA Precision Manufacturing. Over the course of three decades, Ted and the RIVA team have built a world-class manufacturing firm that specializes in custom solutions resulting in a legacy of dependable jewelry production for the world’s leading jewelry retailers.

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Our Culture

Our History

Manufacturing Excellence since 1988

RIVA began as one man working nights on a bench in his basement. Thirty years later, we are a vertically integrated manufacturing plant occupying a 37,500 square foot space with over 140 experience employees. The journey in between was full of dedication, innovation, and perseverance: all the same standards we live by today.

Ted Doudak

Ted Doudak arrives in NY,
starts working at a chain factory for $4 an hour.

Ted Doudak Owner of Riva Precision

Ted Doudak and a friend become partners,
working out of a basement in Brooklyn.

Ted Doudak

Ted Doudak founds Riva Precision Manufacturing in Manhattan.

Ted Doudak arrives in NY

Business booms and RIVA moves to a bigger Manhattan loft by Penn Station.

Ted Doudak

Recession hits and the future looks grim but Ted sees a future in RIVA and buys his partner out, taking full responsibility for the business.

Riva Processes

Business takes a turn for the better and RIVA moves to considerably larger Long Island City space.


RIVA absorbs a chain manufacturing company so that all chain may be manufactured in-house.

Work Processes Riva

RIVA grows once again and a CNC department is born bringing RIVA one step closer to becoming completely self-reliant for jewelry manufacturing.

Riva Workplace

Riva expands to new headquarters in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.