Give Back for Back-to-School

Give Back for Back-to-School

With a vision, enthusiastic employees and excellent service to the industry, the possibilities for growth and reward are endless. That said, the good fortune of a successful business should never be taken for granted. At RIVA, we are dedicated to giving back 10% of our proceeds to charity, including the Doudak Foundation, in an effort to pay it forward. As seen in our mission, RIVA supports families and children throughout the world, as well as in our community.

This fall, we wanted to do something different to thank those that truly keep our business running—our staff. Many have children going back to school. Whether they are excited for the new adventures awaiting them in Kindergarten, or are rounding out their education culminating in going off to college, every kid needs a backpack full of supplies.

As a child, I remember the excitement of having my back to school essentials in order. There are few things as satisfying as a crisp notebook, colorful erasers, new crayons and pens, and a box to hold it all. Therefore, the idea of giving out backpacks at our company picnic with all the hottest items seemed like the perfect way to start fresh, no matter the grade.

We surveyed our employees who wanted to opt in for backpacks for their children.  The backpacks were divided by grade: Kindergarten, 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, and college. Each child, teen, or young adult received an age appropriate bag (for example, 4th grade and older got the Jansport classic), with the recommended supplies for their age group. To add some spice, we threw some fidget spinners in there, which were later met by thrilled reactions. For those in high school and college, Texas Instruments Calculators were provided, but the real gem for the older ones were the locks and memory sticks, met with much appreciation.

The RIVA company picnic at Frogbridge Resort is where the backpack reveal took place. My mother and I alternated calling out the children’s names, and they came up one-by-one to accept them. We gave out 34 bags of goodies in total, and enjoyed the excitement on everyone’s face, as they opened them up and discovered the educational treasures inside.

To add a personal touch, I wrote a note for each child, tailored for their age, encouraging them as they go back to their studies this fall. There is one thing I would do differently if I did it over again, and that is get something for the babies watching their siblings get something for back to school (they wanted a little something too! Can’t blame them.).

Ultimately, it was a joy to see the children get so excited, and to see their parents, who give their love and dedication every day to the business, happy as well. Having one less thing to shop for can be very helpful, especially when managing a large family.

We hope you are enjoying your summer, and are inspired to do something for back to school in your office as well!

–Rebecca Doudak

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