How Riva Creates an Intentional Culture, and You Can Too

How Riva Creates an Intentional Culture, and You Can Too

All companies have a culture. From the moment someone steps through the door, it permeates the senses. Culture can be grasped by the demeanor of employees, décor of the space, signage on the walls, meeting punctuality and participation, as well as in one-on-one and team interactions alike. It is an area that can fall by the wayside in strategic planning, but is absolutely critical to long-term success. A company culture can be either intentional, or unintentional, and Riva Precision Manufacturing has worked diligently to ensure a solid intentional culture is at the forefront of honoring our purpose-driven mission and vision. 

Unintentional (or accidental) culture develops naturally, without any planning. This can be positive or negative, and often mirrors the personality of the business owner. At best, this can work well if the company’s leadership leads by example in creativity, positivity and transparency. At its worst, it can create a negative environment, with no direction or hope, no creativity or outlets for making connections, and reflects high stress levels from employees to senior management.  

Intentional culture, on the other hand, seeks to unify actions with words, supporting the values of an organization across multiple channels and endeavors. When done well, it is shaped with the end goal in mind, bolstering positive behaviors and excellence along the way. It takes more than words to cultivate; it takes day-to-day reinforcement, and therefore needs to be well planned. At Riva, intentional culture is manifest in three ways. 

First, we take active measures to support our employees through various initiatives. Internally, we create a bi-monthly newsletter to showcase the joys, milestones and positive work seen on the floor. From celebrating cross-cultural holidays to birthdays, work anniversaries, births and weddings, we share everyday joy inside and outside the factory with others, which starts a positive conversation. After receiving the newsletter, the floor buzzes about the news, as well as pride for those highlighted for their accomplishments. Founded by an immigrant pursuing the American Dream, Riva is always aware of supporting immigrant employees in attaining the skills they need to best succeed in both the workplace, and the surrounding community. 

Secondly, Riva recognizes that our exterior is a reflection of our interior.  We want everyone who works here and visits to feel welcome, so encouraging positive surroundings is essential. Factories aren’t notorious for their exceptional décor, especially with the bulk of space being taken up by heavy machinery and tools, but we make an effort to bring some extra spice to every corner. Whether it be an inspirational wall of historic heroes, decorations to celebrate holidays throughout the year, quarterly themed luncheons for all in the factory, or game tables interspersed in the space that encourage fun breaks (foosball tournaments are quite popular here). 

Last but certainly not least, Riva advances initiatives that support health and emotional well-being, both internally and globally. For employees, we offer complementary massage therapy sessions to relieve any muscle aches from the bench, as well as free health consultations for those looking to improve their diet or fitness routine. Riva has also partnered with Right Now Media to offer free digital subscription to books, videos and podcasts spanning self-help, family, finance, business, parenting and leadership. Globally, we have partnered with Compassion International, supporting children around the world so that their day-to-day needs are sustained. Riva also works with a mission in the Dominican Republic that provides meals to the local community. 

Riva Precision Manufacturing regularly adds initiatives that help our employees grow, alongside our community and world.  Making high quality jewelry with exceptional service is our business. Treating our family and visitors well, while giving back to our community is our ethical responsibility, which we are honored to strive to. We hope you come visit our factory and experience our intentional culture firsthand, or consider some of our initiatives to support similar values in your workplace. 

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