Trending in Bridal

Trending in Bridal

Fresh off from Vegas and jumping into NY’s summer jewelry week, we’ve seen a selection of bridal trends that are in demand from stores to ring fingers. What is hot and what is not? Here is what to look out for, especially for advising on those millennial engagements.

Rose Gold

There is something about rose that people love in 2017. From Frosé (frozen rosé), rosé themed garden parties, to rose gold furniture and interior design accents…the metal, drink and color are having a rebirth. Pink gold and red gold are terms often used interchangeably with rose gold, but ultimately all refer to gold and copper alloys, with variations in the percentages of gold versus copper in the alloy mix. More copper gives a stronger red to pink color, while less gives a softer tint to the metal.

Why is rose gold so popular? It offers the opportunity to do something different with one’s personal style in an elegant way. For the budget-conscious bride, it also looks great with cognac diamonds, creating a unique look for less. Brides are also gifting rose gold jewelry to their bridesmaids, for wear on the wedding day and beyond, marking longevity in friendship. Rose gold also works well for showing off your pink center stones.

Pink Center Stones

Gone are the days where a white diamond was the only acceptable stone to set in an engagement ring. This year, color is in, and pretty in pink is the beautiful alternative to a diamond. Sapphire, morganite, opal, spinel, and kunzite are just a few of the gemstones available to substitute a diamond for a pink gem (we do love our pink diamonds too though!).  Durable, lasting and unique, having an alternative pink stone adds pizazz to the bridal story, reflecting the fashionable nature of the bride to be.

Horizontal Settings

Emerald, pear, marquise, oval….each of these center stones has traditionally been associated with vertical orientation. Turning them sideways is gaining speed and popularity. By changing the setting, there are more design opportunities for stacking on the finger, and a slightly altered orientation demands a double take.

Whether you are designing en masse or creating a one-of-a-kind piece for a customer, it is essential to stay on top of what is on trend during bridal season. Riva Precision Manufacturing is happy to discuss product development needs for all things rose gold, set with pink center stones, or with horizontal diamonds. Contact us directly for more information.

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